Principal’s Welcome

At Auburn South Primary School we believe that all students, as global citizens, have the capacity and responsibility to make a meaningful and positive contribution to the world in which we live.

Students are encouraged to be creative, inquisitive and committed to achieving their personal and academic goals. They are empowered to make choices that impact on their learning and relationships in a positive way.

Auburn South students are encouraged to be resilient; to bounce back, take risks and seek out new challenges and experiences.

Whilst Auburn South Primary School is proud of its students’ high levels of academic achievement, it is our focus on developing the ‘whole child’; academic, social, emotional and physical that allows students to truly thrive.

Working in partnership with parents and families, students have access to a broad range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities that allow them to grow, identify their strengths and reach their potential.

At Auburn South Primary School we want our students to:

  • be emotionally resilient
  • experience high levels of personal well-being
  • have positive relationships
  • have a positive sense of their own identity (strengths, mindset, purpose and health)
  • be highly engaged and challenged in their learning

Our purpose can also be summarised as a whole school vision statement:

“At Auburn South Primary School we develop a positive sense of identity within a community that encourages individuals to flourish as inquirers, creative thinkers and globally responsible citizens.”

I encourage you to browse our website and to contact the office for further information and a tour of our school.

Marcus Wicher


ASPS Vision 2




2016 Auburn South PS Annual Report

2016 School Council President’s Report

School Strategic Plan (2014-2017)