Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education program at Auburn South Primary School provides students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to develop and maintain their physical, mental, social and emotional health. The program actively promotes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity through the development of motor skills and movement competence, health-related physical fitness and sport education.

Auburn South students also have the opportunity to participate, compete and experience a variety of sports and activities:

  • Interschool Sport ProgramSarahWoodPhotography0029 (1)-small-small

  • Senior and Junior House Athletics Carnivals

  • Cross Country and School Fun Run

  • Swimming Carnivals

  • Learn to Swim Program

  • Early Morning Runners Club

  • Aerobics Club

  • Hip Hop Dance Club

  • ‘Hoop Time’ Basketball

A large number of students also have the opportunity represent Auburn South Primary School at a number of District, Regional and State level sporting competitions and carnivals.